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Luck improvement: Is there really a simple way for it?

The answer is yes. There is a simple way for luck improvement.

To bring quick effective, you need to initial it own luck improvement. No one else can give you luck besides yourself. From Chinese Astrology, the Ten-God point of view, to improve your own luck, you must take action using your own effort and come from your heart. By doing so, your luck will gradually improve.

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Let me explain a bit more about what Chinese Astrology and the Ten-God are and how you can benefit from it.

Chinese Astrology also known as Bazi (八字) and Four Pillars of Destiny. First of all, a Bazi chart or Four Pillars Chart is constructed using someone’s birthday and birth hour. Using the birthday and birth hour (YY, MM, DD, HH) as data source, then converts to Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. There are 10 Heaven Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. Each Heavenly Stem carries an element. Three out of the 12 Earthly branches carry one unique element and the other nine Earthly Branches carry more than one element each. The five elements in Chinese Astrology are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water or called Wu-Xing.

You can read more about Chinese-astrology and Wu-Xing here.

After a Bazi chart is constructed, it is important to inspect the element in the chart and an experienced Chinese Astrologer is able to pinpoint the turning points of a person in their life. And find out what career direction should a person take? What kind of investments, property, share or business and so on for a person to get into.

If you want to know all the above you need to see a Chinese Astrologer to have your chart read.

Wait, what about the simple way for luck improvement mentioned above?

Sure, be patient, I will show you how to improve your luck and many of clients tried this simple method of action and it worked for them. I have good feedback from clients.

The fundamental of this method of luck improvement is the inter-relation and inter-action of the ten-god in your Chinese Astrology chart.

Any person, without any knowledge of the Four Pillars of destiny can apply it if you are willing to and want to improve your luck. You do not need to see a Chinese Astrologer for this simple formula of luck improvement method.

As mentioned above, this simple luck improvement formula is based on the theory of the Ten-God in Chinese Astrology.

The ten-god is a complex system in Chinese Astrology. The simple way to describe them is that the ten-god is the variable in the Chinese astrology Chart. (Such as Variables in mathematic equation or variables in a computer programme). You can read about the Ten-God theory here.

As a variable, this means that one of the ten-God can represent multiple objects or meanings in a chart.

Let’s look at a few examples here about the luck improvement ten-god:

The Direct Wealth God, it represents, 1: Money, 2: the Father, 3: the wife in the male chart.
The Direct Resource God, it represents 1: Name and Fame, 2: The Mother, 3: knowledge, 4: learning.
The Officer God, it represents, 1: power, 2: promotion, 3: the boss, 4: Husband in the female chart.

Luck Improvement and relationship in a family

Luck improvement and Chinese astrology chart inter action

So let say if you want to improve your money luck and relationship luck then you should be good to your father and of course your mother too. For male chart, good to your wife is also a good way to improve the money luck.
In the ten-God theory, the Direct Wealth God promotes the Officer God, be good to your parents not only help improve money luck, it is also good for your promotion luck. For female chart, the Officer God is activated by the Direct Wealth God, so for female chart, she will have a better relationship with the Officer God – the Husband.

I remembered, I have a client asked me during the Chinese Astrology consultation why his relationship with girls always end up badly. He said none of his relationship went well in the past.

I asked how his relationship with his father is. He replied that he had not spoken to his father for many years. I encouraged him to start building a good relationship with his father again. Well, he did and he emailed and told me he felt good about it.

I have another story was about a lady who also has not spoken to her father for many years. She was running a business but the cash flow was not perfect.

I encouraged her to build the relationship with her father again. She did. And sometime later, She told me she felt good and her father gave her some money (five figures amount) to help her to run her business.

In my observation, in general, people do better by having good relationship with family members, parents, siblings, spouses and children.

Luck improvement is simple. For better money, all you need to do is build a good relationship the wealth-god (Parents and Wife for male chart). For promotion, you need to build relationship with the Officer-god, the parents and husband for female chart.