Nobleman in Chinese Astrology aka Guardian Angel Care and Helpful, How to find them?

Have you ever wonder why for some people you have met you feel very connected to them straight away?

Have you ever wonder why some people you have met they are very care about you and very helpful in your life.

If you have such experience, you should read this article to find out why and learn the quickest way to find your Nobleman or your Guardian Angel.

In Chinese Astrology there is a Star called 貴人 (Guìrén). Some Feng Shui masters translate it as “Nobleman Star”.

貴人 Nobleman in Chinese astrology means a person of importance and he or she can help you get through your difficulties in time of troubles.

There is a nobleman formula to find out who are your noblemen in your Chinese astrology chart.

According to the formula, everyone has two nobleman in Chinese Astrology. However, not every person is a nobleman to the others. For those who born in the year of Dragon and year of the Dog, they are not a nobleman to any other person at all.

It is always hard to translate the formula into English. The best way to use the formula is using table.

The following table, the numbers in each column represent the year of the birth. The animal signs underneath are the persons who are the nobleman to them.

Nobleman in Chinese Astrology table one:

Nobleman in Chinese Astrology Table oneFor example:

If someone was born in 1946, 1956, 1947, 1957 or the last digit of the birth year is 6 or 7, then the animal signs Pig and Rooster are the noblemen to them. (This formula can use in time too, so the year of the pigs and year of the Roosters are called the nobleman year.)

Another example:

If someone was born in the year with the last digit is 0, 4, 8, and then their noblemen are ox and goat. (In time, the year of the Ox and year of the Goat are called the nobleman year.)

One important thing to remember is that the animal sign in Chinese Astrology, its cut off point is dictated by the Solar Terms, not by the Chinese New year day.

The starting point for a new animal sign in the year is at the “start-of-Spring.” It normally falls on the 4th or 5th of February each year. here is the table of the birth year and the Chinese animal signs. (Chinese Zodiac)

Animals Signs in Chinese Astrology, table two:

Birth years and animal signs Chinese Zodiac

Let’s say someone was born on the 27th January, 1945. Because it is January, the solar term start-of-spring has not yet reached, so it calculates as 1944, the nobleman to this person is Ox and goat. (In time, the year of the Ox and year of the Goat are called the nobleman year).

In Chinese Astrology, this nobleman formula is very useful. You can use this formula to choose your love partner, business partners, employees and so on.

The above is the nobleman theory in Chinese astrology. What about in real life? Can it be observed? Is there any example?

For sure I can show you a real life case to demonstrate this formula.

This is a very good example. Let’s go back to the 2010 Australian Federal election.

It was Ms Julia Gillard vs Mr. Tony Abbott on the 21st August 2010.

Most people can still remember. It was a hung parliament. And the result to whom would form the government was relies on one person to decide. This person was Tony Windsor.

Now, let’s go in to the technical part.

Ms Julia Gillard was born in 1961. From the first table, her nobleman animal signs or Chinese Zodiacs are Horse and Tiger. (A person was born in the year of Horse or Tiger). You can check the second table to find out what the Chinese Zodiac a person is related to their birth year.

In 2010, it was the year of the Tiger.

Interestingly, Mr Tony Windsor was born in the 1950. From the second table, 1950 was the year of the Tiger in Chinese Zodiac.

In this case, we see that 2010, the year (time) and a person (Tony Windsor) whose animal sign is Tiger are both favourable to Ms Julia Gillard. That is why she had the nobleman in 2010 to help her the election.

This Nobleman formula is very useful. It can be applied at a lot of different areas. Besides the above, this formula can be used to apply in Feng Shui for your house to activate you more noblemen.

All in all, if you know how to use this formula, your life will be much smoother.