Number 4 and money $

Number Four 4 is innocent in Feng Shui.

“My house is number 4 is it bad Feng Shui? “
“My apartment number is 4 is it bad Feng Shui?”
“My house number is 49, 4+9 = 13, 1+3 = 4. Is it bad Feng Shui?”

I was asked such questions from clients very often. Well, my answer to them is: “I can guarantee that your house number, 4, 14, 24, 34, or 44…x4 has nothing to do with traditional Feng Shui. It does not affect the Qi flows into your house.”

Traditional Feng Shui is not a collection of beliefs. Traditional Feng Shui is all about the sitting and facing directions of a house, the correct position of the main entrance to harvest the Qi for your wealth, the correct position of the kitchen to promote your health, the correct position of the master bedroom to give you good relationship with your spouse and the correct position of the toilet and so on. Most people misunderstand number 4 is bad in Feng Shui. In fact it is superstitious, not real Feng Shui.

Chinese people do not like the pronunciation of “4”. In Cantonese its sound is “Si”. In Mandarin its sound is “Sì”. It has a very similar sound but different tone to “Sǐ” meaning death or die. So most people believe 4 is Bad Feng Shui.

Well in my opinion, number 4 is innocent. Four (4) actually it is a very good number.

In the Flying Star Feng Shui School, number 4 is an academic star. If the number 4 Star is used correctly at home, it will promote better academic result for kids. If the number 4 direction (South East) of a city has a tall building, it promotes the culture of that city. You can read Tall building of a City to find out more about it.

Number 4 and money $There may be a normal computer keyboard in front of you while you are reading this article. Look at the Key number 4 now, what can you see on top of the 4. Yes, it is the $ sign. You can associate number 4 with ($) money rather than death. Number 4 is money. Number 4 is actually associated with money, a lot of money.

Mr. Lee Shau-kee, 86 years old, from Hong Kong in 2014 has net worth of US$21.4 billion. He is the second richest person in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lee Shau-kee is also known as “Uncle Four (4)”. He is not only healthy and longevity but also is very rich person too.

Uncle 4 is definitely associated with the $ sign on top of the keyboard key number 4.