Professional Feng Shui consultants use feng shui compass or LuoPan

Feng Shui Compass is a tool for Professional Feng Shui Consultants

Professional Feng Shui Consultants and Feng Shui Consultants, there are about 7 million results returned when “Feng Shui Consultants”  was typed into Google Search Engine in my Melbourne office. It is so amazing. By typing “Professional Feng Shui Consultants” in the same Google Search Engine, it returns more than 11 million results. I have no idea why. Because I don’t understand how Google search engine works. Anyway I will learn a bit more how Google search engine works later when I have more time. Now lets talk about the difference between them.

Why are there more search results of Professional Feng Shui Consultants than Feng Shui consultants?

Well, In my opinion, may be the word “Professional” that gives Feng Shui Consultants a better status.
Other than better status, what is the difference between Professional Feng Shui Consultants and Feng Shui Consultants?

I noticed the difference between them is that Professional Feng Shui consultants mostly works full time and Feng Shui consultants mostly works part time. I noticed a lot of Feng Shui consultants in Melbourne area have a second job or may be other way round. Feng Shui consultation is their second job.

Professional Feng Shui Consultants Sell Feng Shui Products

Some professional Feng Shui consultants are multi-professionals too. It is because I found that some them are also selling Feng Shui cure products to make more money. They should call themselves Professional Feng Shui products merchants.

Some Professional Feng Shui consultants teach subjects other than Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Some Professional Feng Shui consultants teach subjects such as Kungfu, Tai Chi, QiGong (QiGong is kind of breathing techniques and meditation) and traditional Chinese Medicine. Some Professional feng shui consultants can even emit Qi (energy) to cure or heal serious sickness. Obviously these consultants are very talented. They have multiple skills. Good on them.