Eight House Feng Shui School Ming gua numbersEight House Feng Shui School theory,  all houses are divided into eight sectors from the centre and two groups, the East and the West Group based on the eight trigrams from the Later Heaven Trigram or bagua.

Each trigram or Gua represents a direction and a sector in the compass, we have eight directions (45 degree per direction) and we get eight types of houses from the sittings. That is why it is called Eight House Feng Shui School.

In Eight House Feng Shui School, the occupants too are also divided into two groups, the East Group and the West Group. Also know as the East group Ming Gua, the West group Ming Gua. And according to the Eight House Feng Shui School theory, the East Group people should live in the East Group houses. The West Group people should live in the West group houses.

In reality, most of the time the husband and wife are in different Feng Shui groups. However, there is a way to overcome this.

Before we go on. You need to remember the Trigram or Ming gua number.

1 is Kan. 3 is Zhen. 4 is Xun. 9 is Li. These are the East Group.

2 Kun, 6 Qian, 7 Dui and 8 Gen are the West Group.

Number 5 has no Trigram assigned to it. When 5 is the reminder, For male, it changes to 2 the Kun Gua. For female it changes to 8 Gen Gua.

The way to find out a person’s Trigram nubmer or Feng Shui Ming Gua number is easy. Just remember this formula.

Eight House Feng Shui School Ming gua calculation

Because of the Yin and the Yang, the Ming gua in Eight House Feng Shui School for male and female calculates differently.

For lady ( XX – 4) / 9 take the remainder.

For gentleman, (100 – XX) / 9 take the remainder.

XX is the birth year’s last 2 digits between 1901 and 2000. eg: 1967, the xx is 67. 1980 the xx is 80.

Don’t forget that XX needs to calculate according to the 24 Solar Terms.

Please note: If the remainder is 0, use 9 as the Feng Shui Gua number. If the remainder is 5, for male, use 2 Kun Trigram. For female use 8 Ken Trigram.

For A gentleman was born in 1967. His Feng Shui Gua number is calculated as the followings:

Birth year 1967,  we only use the last 2 digits which is 67.

(100 – 67) / 9 = 3…Remainder is 6.

So any gentleman born in 1967, his Feng Shui Gua number is 6 Qian Trigram. He is a West Group Person.

For lady, to calculate the Feng Shui Gua number, again use 1967, the last 2 digits is 67.

(67 – 4)/9 = 7…remainder is 0. For 0, the number 9 is used.

So any lady born in 1967, her Feng Shui Gua number is 9 Li Trigram. She is a East Group person.

Here is a table listing the Feng Shui Ming Gua from 1901 – 2020 for both ladies and gentlemen.

Feng Shui Ming Gua 1901 - 2020 for both ladies and gentlemen
















To work out the East or West Group of a house is complicated.

As far as I know, there are at least three different ways to find out a house which groups it belongs to. And it is very confusing for the beginners. The most common method is using the sitting of the house to identify which group the house is.

Eight house Feng Shui Schook - East West Group








The East Group

Sitting       Facing

North  –>   South

East    –>    West

Southeast  –> Northwest

South  –> North

The West Group

Sitting                Facing
South west  –> Northeast
North west  –> South eastwest
West           –> East
North East  –> South west


For East Group houses, the good areas inside the house are, East, South, North & Southeast.

For West Group houses, the good areas inside the house are, West, Northwest, Southwest & Northeast.

Of course, the areas inside the house has diffeernt level of goodness.

Most Feng Shui consultants said that the Eight House School of Feng Shui is too simple. The Eight House School of Feng Shui does not include the time factor into it. Well, in my opioion, TIME can be included into any system of Feng Shui. It depends on how indepth knowledge you have learnt about a particular Feng Shui theory.