Observe the land shape and slope of the house, along with natural land forms like hills and mountains affect the feng shui of a house. A good way to observe this is to walk around the house. In apartments, it is also good to take a look outside every window and check the view and the land.

Lands should be square or rectangular. Too long or too wide is

not good Feng Shui too.

The ideal ratio is 2 to 3.

land shape


A tick inside is a good Feng Shui land shape. A cross X inside should be avoided.

Triangular land never produces good Feng Shui Energy.

triangle Land

Avoid house on the low side of the road will cause lack of support!

Feng Shui Tips Land Shapes and Slope

Avoid house at the lowest point of two roads.


Avoid house at the hill tops.

on the top