Year of the Horse 2014 Heaven Luck Prediction – by Edgar Lok Tin Yung – Dec 2013

Most Chinese Astrology Consultants or Feng Shui Masters nowadays just use the ‘Start of Spring (立春日)’ day and time plus the year and month in Lunar Calendar to construct a Four Pillars chart to predict events for the coming year.

In my opinion, using the ‘Start of Spring day’ and time to predict for the coming year is inaccurate as the Start of Spring day always falls in the Tiger month. Such Start of Spring day Four Pillar or Bazi chart is to predict personal luck. It does not predict Heaven Luck or world issues. Yearly prediction should use the Jia zi (甲子) cycle (Sexagenary cycle) and look at three different levels using the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly branch of the year. These three levels are:

1. The Heaven Luck (predicts major issues of the world and weather).
2. The Earth Luck (Feng Shui for homes and offices.)
3. The Man Luck (predicts individual animal sign luck in the coming year)

There will be article for each topic. Here are the Heaven luck predictions.

Year of the Horse 2014 – The Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters. So people can prepare for it. The Heaven Luck energy kicks in when the Earth is passing the Winter Solstice, normally on the 21st or 22nd in December each year.

In 2012 year of the Dragon predictions, I mentioned: “According to calculation, the year of the Snake 2013 will be even worse in term of natural disasters.” Well we saw a lot lately.
So let see what may happen in the year of the Horse 2014.

The Heavenly Stem for 2014 is Yang Wood (甲).
The Earthly Branch underneath is Wu (午) Fire and its animal sign is Horse. The hidden elements are Earth Ji (己). The way of arrangement is top down.

甲 (Yang Wood)
午 (Fire with hidden element Earth)

It is always easier to understand an image than reading many words. So here are pictures for year of the horse 2014.
Yang Wood sits on Fire (Horse).


Year of the Horse - Yang Wood

Year of the Horse - Fire

Year of the Horse - Bushfire  Bush Fire

Yang Wood sits on top is the source to the Fire. Top level is government. Top level is the management level in a business organisation. Top level is parents.
So we will see a lot of unkind policies from top level cause anger to the bottom level.

Excessive Fire brings:

1. There will be bushfire burning out of control, most likely in South area, such as Indonesia, Philippines, South Australia, Southern Tasmania, and South Island in New Zealand. (Last year 2013, I predicted fire in Southeast. It was NSW bushfire in October/November 2013). Make sure you have a good fire plan.

2. Extremely hot weather in year of the Horse 2014. It brings Natural disasters in March, April May and September, October, November, such as heavy rains, hurricanes, typhoons and bushfire. March, April & May will be more disasters in South hemisphere and September, October, November will be more disasters in North hemisphere.
Year of the Horse 2014 has only 3 dragons producing water. The more number of the dragons (maximum up to 12) produce water, the more rainfall it produces for the year. 2014 has less rainfall year.

3. Severe volcano eruption and brings earthquake most likely in South America or New Zealand.

4. Yang Wood is Kindness but stubborn, Wood Fire is liver fire and liver fire is anger. In the year of the Horse, kindness will be transformed into anger. Therefore, there will be more protests, riots, clashes, conflicts, explosions, gun fire and even wars.
Will it be war between China and Japan? It most likely will not happen. If so, China wins as Feng Shui Period 8 support China more than Japan. There was Sino-Japanese war in 1894 (2 Sexagenary cycles before also in Wood Horse year), at that time it was Feng Shui period 2 and the Feng Shui luck did not support Qing Dynasty.

5. There will be more liver and heart related issues, such as hepatitis and heart attacks. Fire element could be circulation system, small intestine, eye and heart problems. We will see more such incidents happen during the year of the Horse. For your own health benefit, do exercise regularly. I suggest you also take health supplements such as Omega 3 fish oil, vitamin C, E to reduce cholesterol and prevent blockage of the arteries.

6. This is the Chinese character of 午, the earthly branch for 2014. Its animal sign is horse. It is also the Tai Sui direction.
Horse is a powerful animal. In the past, it is used for transportation. Nowadays, it symbolises CAR, electric power generators. So the car industry in 2014 faces great challenge such car manufacturing factories or car parts factories closing down, workers strike or even car factories explosions. There is high possibility that power stations explosions and bring electricity issues.
In Chinese Astrology Horse (Fire) clash with Rat (Water). As a result, any company has logo looks like rat may experience difficulties, companies such Disneyland (Mickey Mouse), Qantas (Kangaroo Chinese translation is pouch rat).

Year of the Horse is also peach blossoms year.

Year of the Horse 2014 is a Peach Blossom or Flower of Romance year which having to do with romance, especially illicit romance, sex scandals and sexual affairs exposed. The year of the Horse will have lot more news similar to the year of the Rat in 2008 and Year of the Rabbit 2011.

Year of the Rat 2008 had news on New York Governor Elliot Spitzer prostitute scandal, Hong Kong movie star Edison Chen nude photos scandal and so on.

Year of the Rabbit 2011, Former Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex scandal was exposed. He had fathered a child more than a decade ago with a member of their household staff.

Peach Blossom or Flower of Romance year however is good for the entertainment, beauty and fashion businesses.

The year of the Horse 2014, Yang Wood sits on Fire. In Five Element theory Wood produces Fire. As a result, too much fire will destruct metal. Metal is the trigrams of Qian and Rui. The trigram Qian is the head, or head of a country, head of a company, and head of a house. Rui is the young girls. These two types of persons can easily become angry and lose temper and make bad decisions.

Fire produces Earth

Earth is property. Property industry will be benefited from the Fire.

Earth can reduce excess fire. In Five Quality, Earth is trust and faith. Therefore in the year of Horse, One’s credibility, integrity is ultra-important which can help avoid unnecessary troubles.
Be very careful in March, June and September, October in 2014 if you are speculating on the share market.

2014 and 2015 “Gold in Sand”

“甲午乙未砂中金” The Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch combine and they produce Metal element in year of the Horse 2014 and year of the Goat 2015. It is called “Gold in Sand”.
Gold here means metal element. Metal element is hidden inside sands. Excessive fire element damages the Metal element. Metal element is banking and finance, accounting, insurance, mining, metal manufacturing industries and so on.

Annual Flying Star Number 4

Year of the Horse 2014, the annual Feng Shui flying star number 4 (4 green) is located in the centre palace. It is Wood element. It is an academic star. It represents chicken. It represents wind. It represents thigh.
Annual Start number 4 resides in the centre palace. It brings negative issue to education, publication. It brings issue to chicken. It brings issue causes by wind (hurricanes).