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December 28, 2019

Year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020 – Heaven Luck Predictions


For yearly predictions, I was taught to use the Jia zi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches system, is a cycle of sixty terms used for reckoning time.


Generally, yearly predictions should look at three different levels (Heaven, Earth and Man) using the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the year.

1. The Heaven Luck predicts major issues of the world and weather.

2. The Earth Luck manages the Feng Shui for homes, offices, cities and countries.
3. The Man Luck Predicts individual animal sign luck for the coming year.


Yearly predictions can be useful information for you to make good decisions in the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.

The year of the Yang Metal Rat officially starts on the 4th February 2020. However the Heaven energy surfaces from the winter solstice, generally on the 22nd of December.

I wish you all have an excellent year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.




Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters. So people can well prepare for it. For example, people can increase their insurance premium in the areas where may affect them.

Let’s look at the characteristics of the Heavenly Stem (HS) and Earthly Branches (EB) in 2020 for The Year of the Yang Metal Rat.

The Heavenly Stem for 2020 is Yang Metal Geng (庚).

The Earthly Branch is Zi (子). Its element is water without hidden element and it is represented by the animal Rat. That is why it is called the Year of the Rat.

To be exact, the Stem and Branch add up to make the Yang Metal water Rat year.

The Earthly Branch Zi (子) has no hidden element. It is purely water element.

The traditional way of arranging the Heavenly Stem (HS) & Earthly Branch (EB), it is the HS on top of EB. So this creates a picture of Yang Metal Geng (庚) sits on Water Zi (子).

庚 (Geng)  is Yang Metal
子  (zi) Rat is Water element. (No hidden elements)


The Melodic element for 2020 is Earth. (庚子辛丑璧上土). It is property related,

In Feng Shui, the annual Purple White Flying Star, the Number 7 flies to the Centre. The number 7 is the Dui (兌) Gua. Centre of the palace is the most eye catching issue.

7 is the Dui Gua. It is Metal element. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking, youngest daughter, gossip, flighting….


Yang Metal Geng庚 represents Yang Metal, Heavy Metal, Sword, Law, Justices.

In human body, 庚Geng represents the Large Intestine, the Umbilical, the abdomen area, Lung, Nose and Throat.

子 (Zi)  is Water. The animal sign for Zi is Rat. It represents actual water, the Seas, the Oceans, Waterways, Bladders, the Ears, the Kidneys and in emotion Fear in human body.


Here is an image representing the year of the Yang Metal Water Rat 2020. (It may not be the best image. It is very close the Energy in the year of the Rat). 2020 has a very similar element configuration as the year of Rat in 2008. 

With above information, image and combinations, we can see these issues in the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020.

1.     In the year of the Yang Metal Rat, the top level (Metal) and bottom level (Water) are in producing or enhancing cycle. There is no conflict relationship between the top and bottom level. It looks like that the top level will look after the bottom level.



2.     The top stem which is the heaven (Metal) produces water. Water becomes very strong. There will be many issues related to water, waterways, rain storms, the seas and the ocean, such as flooding, tsunamis, tidal waves, boats, cruise ships.


3.     Metal melts into liquid, water. It matches a Chinese saying “見財化水”. (Watching the wealth turns into water.) Please budget your Year of the Rat well.


4.     Metal sits on Water. It is lack of support. It symbolizes metal structures over water or river. We may see collapse of bridges, Metal Structure Bridge particularly.


5.     子 (Zi) Rat is one of the peach blossoms branches. It represents love affairs and sex scandals. In the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020, there are many underground love affairs and sex scandals will come to surface.    


6.     子 (Zi) Rat, in 2020, there will be more incidents of Plague. In Australia, there may be more cull or slaughter of Kangaroos.


7.     Directors in Companies have logos relate to Rat or Kangaroos symbols will experience strong impact in the year of the Rat, stronger impact in June July 2020.


8.     子 (Zi) Rat,  clashes with the 午 (Wu), the Horse. 午(Wu) symbolizes the horse, the eyes and the hearts, fires and explosions  there are more incidents in these areas in the year of the Rat. Make sure your hearts and eyes are well looked after. Implement a fire plan,


9.     The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” for the year of the Rat 2020 and year of the Yin Metal Ox. (庚子辛丑壁上土). As suggested the words “Wall Top Earth”. It is property related.  The property price or physical buildings may collapse due to strong water element.


10.  The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” (庚子辛丑壁上土). The Earth element controls Water element. Therefore, there are many issues for the water industries, such as logistics, airlines, shippings, cruise ship, pirates, healthcare….


11.  The子 (Zi) Rat is Water element and water’s characteristic is going downward and in emotion represents fear. The year of the Yang Metal Rat its elements composition is very similar to the year of the Earth Rat in 2008. If you were hurt a lot during 2008, you need to pay more attention not to repeat the same mistake in the year of the Rat 2020.


12.  The庚 (Geng) Yang Metal represents finance, banking, share market and insurance. The子 (Zi) Rat underneath is water. It symbolizes melting down of wealth or the finance market.


13.  In the year of the Yang Metal Rat, the number 7 annual star comes to the centre palace. Number 7 is metal element too and it presents argument, dispute, gossip and its Chinese name is “Broken Army”. The centre palace is the centre stage of the world. In 2020, we can see many arguments, disputes and gossips. Many rules will be broken.



14.  The子 (Zi) Rat is North sector of our mother Earth. North sector is Russia area. Year of the Rat is not a very stable year for this part. June and December 2020 are the most unstable months for this part.  Beware if you have business in these areas. Avoid these two months traveling to the north, if you are born in the year of Horse particularly.


15.  The Three Killings Sha is located in South sector in the year of the Rat. Please make sure the South sector of your house, office is clean and free from any activation. South area in the big scale Feng Shui is located in Australasia.





The庚 (Geng) is Yang Metal element. Yang Metal transforms into water Rat. Water element goes downward. The last Rat year was 12 years ago in 2008.

If you are in the Share market, please pay extra attention. Do not make the same mistake

Be very careful in March, June, September and December 2020.

March means from early March to early April 2020.

June means early June to early July 2019.

September means early September to Early October 2020 and

December means early December 2020 to Early January 2021


2020 AND 2021庚子辛丑壁上土   (WALL TOP EARTH)


The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” (壁上土) for 2020, 2021. The Melodic element stays the same for every two years.

From melodic element point of view, “Wall Top Earth” relates to properties and physical buildings. It shows 2020, 2021 will have more incidents of collapse of buildings, landslide and the drop of property price.

“Wall Top Earth” (壁上土), Earth element controls Water element of the year, There will be more accidents relates to the Water industry, logistics, shipping, airlines, pirates….   




The annual Feng Shui flying star #7 will be located in the centre palace in the year of the Rat. It is the Dui Gua and it is Metal. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking….It also presents argument, dispute, gossip and its Chinese name is 破軍 “Broken Army”. The centre palace is the centre stage of the world. In 2020, we can see many arguments, disputes and gossips. Many rules will be broken.

Flying star #7 in the centre also represents the youngest daughter, Large Intestine, Lung, Nose and Throat. We need to taking care these areas.



In short, in 2020, the yearly elements, the melodic element, the annual flying stars Qi are all pointing to a very similar direction. So it is worth to plan and budget for the year of the Yang Metal water Rat 2020 carefully.

Article written by Edgar Lok Tin Yung