Yin Yang Feng Shui is referring to Yin Feng Shui and Yang Feng Shui. Both Yin Yang Feng Shui are important to us.

Yin Yang Feng Shui Mountains map

ideal Yin Feng Shui Dragon spot

Yin Feng Shui is applied to choose good Feng Shui places aka Feng Shui “Dragon Dens” to build graves for ancestors to rest. The “Dragon Dens” can be found in the mountains by experienced Feng Shui Masters. In Yin Yang Feng Shui, mountain ranges are called Mountain Dragons. The rivers, steams are called Water Dragons. A good Feng Shui “Dragon Den” must not located at a windy place. At the same time, the water must flow slowly toward the Dragon Den and stays as long as possible in front of it. The “wind” and “water” which is exactly what Feng Shui means in Chinese.

Both Yin Yang Feng Shui need water

Yang Feng Shui often means houses, offices for human activities. Yang means active. So it is the Feng Shui for the livings. The Feng Shui principals for Yang Feng Shui is pretty much the same as Yin Feng Shui, avoiding windy places, water flows in front of the house / buildings. In addition to Wind and Water issues, there is another very important Feng Shui requirement for Yang Feng Shui. (read on)
Regarding to Wind Feng Shui issue, Melburnians, have you been to Dockland? Dockland is a windy place. I noticed that businesses in dockland area change hands quite often.

Yarra River flows throught South Yarra / Toorak area slowly. The Feng Shui water Qi / Chi in the area is good. It is not hard to observate about what kind of people live in the areas.

Ok, Let me tell you that very important Feng Shui requirement for Yang Feng Shui now.

It it the Kitchen Feng Shui, the main entrance and the master bedroom.

Kitchen is one of very important areas for living human, other than Wind and Water to breath and drink, we need food.

Food need to be cooked. Kitchen is where we cook our food. What we eat and what we cook reflects our health and wealth.